Meet Cathy Byers, RMT

Here I am.

The first time I really sat in quiet stillness and understood that massage touches the soul was 20 years before I became a registered massage therapist. My father was terminally ill and in the last days of his life. Although we could no longer share in conversation, I sought connection. I was moved to “do something” and provide comfort. I wanted to communicate that I was “there” for him and invite him to settle. I wanted to honour our heartache and trust that I would emerge from it. Having never done so before, I massaged his feet.

From massaging his feet to massaging your feet… In 2008 while receiving a massage, my eyes popped open and I announced “I’m meant to go to massage school.” Six weeks later I wrapped up 13 fulfilling years as a social worker and adolescent counselor to start massage school. I graduated with 2200 hours of training in 2010. As a registered massage therapist, I show up to connect, nurture the body and soothe the soul. I am guided by compassion, patience, integrity, curiosity, excellence and gratitude in caring for my community.

In January 2016, caring for my community expanded to include massage for people living with cancer, undergoing cancer treatment or adjusting to their new normal after treatment. I understand the physical, social, spiritual and emotional complexity of cancer. I get that cancer can bring us to our most vulnerable self one day and our most resilient self the next. I hold space for intense emotions and I catch tears. I am with you in your cancer journey; whether it is a dance or a battle.

When not in the massage room, you will find me: exploring or resting in nature; volunteering; initiating a project; cozied up with a good fiction book; creating in the kitchen; cultivating community; singing in choir; and nurturing the development of my vibrant teenage son, Ridley.